About Us

Majk Arabians is the breeding and riding barn of veterinarians Keena and Mike Van Horn in the Pacific Northwest, North America.  A fundamental goal of our program is to offer structurally strong, correct, beautiful, and  intelligent athletes that have the capability to excel at a high level in a multitude of disciplines, including endurance, racing, dressage, and sport horse competition. Secondarily, we hope to see our horses carry the American endurance team back to the top of the podium at the World Equestrian Games!  We breed purebred Arabians and our foundation herd is comprised of horses whose ancestry hails from Poland, Russia, France as well as England (Crabbet). Our farm is a family affair, with the farm acronym representing our family, M for Mike, A for Alexis and Ashley, J for Jocelyn, and K for Keena.

Keena is the rider in the family, and started endurance riding in the late 1980's with a phenomenal mare named Ramegwa Mariah. Mariah was bred by the late Maggie Price, out of a mare of Valerie Kanavy's,  and was the full sister to Ramegwa KanavyAnn, whom Maggie rode to a bronze medal finish in the 1992 World Equestrian Games in Barcelona. Mariah was also a full sister to Ramegwa Rhodora, who was the #1 European Endurance Champion within 6 months of her exportation to Italy. Pursuit of a veterinary degree and the unexpected and premature loss of Mariah limited the opportunities to publically demonstrate Mariah's incredible abilities. However, as Keena's first foundation purchase, Mariah represents a fine example of the type of athlete that Majk Arabians choses, and is committed to offer.

During the years since Mariah's loss, our focus has been on developing the resources that we felt we needed to build our program, including our farm, our veterinary clinic, our foundation stock, our conditioning techniques, as well as raising our three spirited girls.  This has led to a secondary education in acupuncture, equine massage, saddle fitting, and A LOT of experimentation with different saddles, saddle pads, and techniques of developing a sound basic foundation in our horses. As in any complex endeavor, our journey has had its share of forward and backward steps. It is my belief that nothing worthwhile is ever easy, and these challenges are part of the process and contribute to the satisfaction of the work.  Therefore, while our focus has not been on actively competing, we feel our efforts "behind the scenes" have been fruitful and productive and will enhance the success of our horses greatly in the long run.