Farm Management

Poulsbo BarnOur working stable is currently located in Poulsbo, Washington, USA, and our foals are raised here as well as on additional pasture land. Our horses are closely monitored, regularly handled, enjoy regular and state of the art farrier and veterinary care, and have access to almost continuous turn out with their peers.  They are encouraged and allowed to be horses. Our stallions have the opportunity to live in herds in a natural environment, are ridden alone and in company, and like our  other stock, are exposed to stalls as nice, safe, temporary escapes from inclement weather so that they neither fear nor get anxious about confinement for rides, quarantine, etc. They have slow introductions to concerns we expect them to encounter, like traffic, trailers, bridges, campfires, high lines, children (read, inanimate toys are never are found in the same place two days in a row, small, mobile, "creatures"  that may be loud or quiet, that pet them and offer yummies at times…, but need not be feared…), bicycles, dogs, people with backpacks, etc. We have trails locally that offer a wide variety of safe, solid bridges to school over, water crosses and the ability to slowly introduce them to ATVs. We are fortunate to have ferries here too, which teach them about loud noises and vibrations, as we expect some of them may fly in the future. Feel free to ask us any questions!