Many, many wonderful and creative people have inspired me through the years. Walter Farley and Marguarite Henry certainly were childhood influences that cemented my love to read everything horse I could get my hands on. This has never changed, and I enjoy non-fictional work as much as fictional stories.  I was fortunate to have been introduced to Dr. Deb Bennett's work in biomechanics and conformation early in my undergraduate career, which I find to be extremely important and inspiring. This was followed by studying the work of the dressage masters Kyra Kyrklund, Anky van Grunsven, Arthur Kottas-Heldenburg, Charles de Kunffy, and Reiner and Ingrid Kilmke. Heather Hoyns DVM introduced me to the sports of competitive trail riding and endurance, while  Peggy Gabourey introduced me to dressage, the joy of pas de deux, foal training and kindly and fairly managing a stallion. She also helped me video Mariah for kinesiology and biomechanical evalution. Jane Savoie, Joyce Harman DVM, Jon Ensign, Robert Miller DVM, the late Ray Hunt and Tom Ivers have given me tremendous insights, as have Charles Wilhelm, Mark Rashid, and Robert Vavra. George Allen DVM and Britt Rodin have supported development of my feel, timing, teaching me how to teach a horse to engage, as well as giving me lessons in diplomacy and courage that will stay with me forever.  Brant Crittenden and Chris Howell have provided superb farrier care for my horses. My own pets and horses, and scores of veterinary patients, along with Turid Rugaas, Patricia McConnell, and Karen Overall, have taught me volumes about non-verbal communication. Without the inspiration of Maggie Price, Peggy Gabourey, and  George and Lynn Allen, I doubt I would be a breeder today. Thank you above all, to my gentle and kind partner in life, Mike, who has supported and believed in me through thick and thin, and to my children, for the gifts of their smiles and hugs and lessons of patience and focus in chaos!