Our Program

The purpose of our program is breed Arabian horses of world class level competitive ability in multiple disciplines, and to preserve genetic lines that have been especially influential in this goal. While predominantly horses of Polish, Russian and Crabbet ancestry grace our program at this time, our breeding strategy borrows from the ideas of Tersk, with an eye to how the contributions of a variety of sources can result in something greater than its composite parts. Thus, horses of other lineages can and will be seen in our program.

While my own main interests lie in endurance, dressage and racing, a powerful and soundly built versatile Arabian is our goal, since our horses may well enjoy pursuits in other endeavors. With the benefit of my veterinary training and lifelong passion for the horse, I look at structure, disposition, and proven athletic ability in a variety of competitive events. As breeding cannot produce new genetic material, but is a restructuring of existing talent, we have been careful in both the selection of our breeding stock and the combinations brought together. Use of outside stock broadens and complements our foundation animals. An important basic principle that we follow is that the female lineage is of prime importance in the production of exceptional foals. The sire line clearly must also be superior as well. Many successful and athletic sires today can be noted to have the support of an exceptionally strong maternal ancestry. Thus, you will see reflected in our foals the influence of many notable dams and consciously selected dam lines as well as inclusion of paternal lines with outstanding attributes.

We are grateful to the dedicated efforts of many knowledgeable and international breeders that preceded us, and have shared their experiences and the products of their hard work with us. Without their years of study and practice, our foundation stock would not reflect so many of the finest Arabian horses ever bred.

We hope that you enjoy perusing what we have to offer and look forward to pairing one our talented horses with your goals!